What We Do

In short:

We Develop Apps.
We Blog.
We Podcast.

In long:

Application Development
We haven’t developed any applications yet, however, we are in the process of creating three applications at this time. With the proceeds the obvious will be paid for, you know… necessities – things which need to be taken care of like paying our employees and business costs.

After the necessities are paid out, then the proceeds are given to OneOneOne.net, which helps underdeveloped countries with food supplies and education for children.

The blogs which are associated with Hoj Poj Studios are:
FrequentApostolicQuestions.com – A Bible Questions and Answers blog.
ProjectLifestyleDesign.com – Business Development, Personal Development, Blogging, and Lifestyle Design.

There isn’t much podcasting going on. The only podcast is the Frequent Apostolic Questions podcast. You can go directly to the podcast page of FAQ by clicking here.

If you need help or have a question about any of these, then please email me here.